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Thoughts from the Ivory Tower

or What you Will

29 March 1983
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I am a PhD student in mathematics (number theory) studying at Kings College London - where I spend most of my days reading books with words like "Homological", "Algebraic", "Categories", "Abstract", and "Elementary" in the titles. Sometimes I also run or play roleplaying games, and even on occasion find the time to geek out about computers.

Be aware - I'm very prone to ranting - sometimes amusingly, sometimes not - about anything that irritates me.

No, I don't play D&D, nor do I run Windows. Yes I'm left wing authoritarian. Yes I'm elitist - no I don't have a problem with that. Yes I'm a vegetarian, and indeed I am in favour of GM (bit hypocritical for a vegetarian not to be, I feel). No I'm not a hippy and don't have any love for fluffy animals. Yes I'm religious, no I'm not a christian. Yes I'm a geek - no I don't like star-wars and I don't play computer games (I do a bit now - mostly Unreal Tournament 2004 as a way to work out some excess agression 15/03/2006).

I tend to eventualy friend anyone who friends me.