Pip (bazzalisk) wrote,

Election-time Leaflet-time

Today I had three election leaflets awaiting me when I got home. I shall describe them in ascending order of craziness.

The Lib-dem leaflet is full of name-dropping. It's also full of some very stupid policy ideas "Nick Clegg's Lib Dems want action for real tax cuts and job creation to get us through Labour's recession". Gah. It's hardly Labour's recession (the Americans are more responsible, and the last Torie government is at least as responsible as the current Labour one), and tax-cuts won't help in a recession -- they're one of the worst things one could do.

One of. There is at least one worse idea -- isolationism. Which brings me to the UKIP. They have Churchill on their flyer (for the record he was one of the first people to suggest a European Union, though he didn't actually want us in it) which means that they must be right. The back of their leaflet seemed very confused. They tell us that their candidates are not career politicians (that's supposed to make me want to vote for them!?) They also seem very confused about the difference between the European Parliament and the European Comission, and where each is located.

And then we fall of the edge of the crazy cliff. The BNP. Yeah, these guys are sickening. Their quote on the front is "Because it's not racist to oppose mass immigration and political correctness - it's common sense!" And that kind of sentiment basically sums it up. In big writing it says "YES to putting British People First". The racism is basically unconcealed. The back is more sickening, and I'm not going into it. I'll only point out that one line -- aparently unconnected to anything else -- reads "TRAFALGAR - THE SOMME - DUNKIRK - D-DAY - THE FALKLANDS". What the hell that last one is doing on there is anyone's guess.

Oh, and there is a Polish piloted spitfire on the front.

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